Thursday, November 25, 2010

How much does a sex change operation cost?

How much does it cost to get the full transformation from man to woman and be able to get all your documents legally change to acknowledge that you are now a woman?How much does a sex change operation cost?Ok since no one here had a clue let me start with the basics. It is NOT a sex change but a correction of a known and medically accepted birth defect! As such it is not a transformation that is what a transvestite does.

The costs of transition are vast and far more complex than you would think. The out of pocket expenses for Male to Female is probably nearer to 80 to 100K! Just the final surgery will cost between $15 to 30 K. Even going to Thailand is not cheap anymore with most surgeons charging about $10.5k on up and all the related costs going up steadily.

Now for the real bad part you can expect unemployment and discrimination that is legal. Housing, credit, work, medical support,insurance, and on and on. You have no federal civil rights whatsoever. The Republicans and religious hate churches have seen to that. You will lose you home, family, pets, belonging, and possibly your life thanks to hate crimes.

That is what the costs are!

SharonHow much does a sex change operation cost?Waaaaaaay more money than you are ever likely to have, Bubba!How much does a sex change operation cost?go to china or something. i heard it cost less thereHow much does a sex change operation cost?i don't know about documents, but i think in sociology a movie said it was $10,000 for a man-%26gt;woman surgery, and $100,000 for a woman -%26gt;man surgery. I'd do some research first, or ask this same question in the LGBT category.

good luck.How much does a sex change operation cost?do it yourself it is cheep,all u need is a saw.How much does a sex change operation cost?It varies country to country. Better consult ur nearest hospital of the kindHow much does a sex change operation cost?Ask on the Chinese yahoo answers... they have more experience with such procedures.How much does a sex change operation cost?Man go to and check out one video there.. they have a documentary about a woman/man who has male genitals and is undergoing sex change in the UK and they illustrate the rules, cost, and opinions.

Best of luck and hope youre doing the right decision!